Community Connections

The education that John delivers is prevention-first and values based, with an underlying objective to promote and encourage empathy in children and youth. For adults and senior citizens the objective is risk reduction so that they can maximize the potential this technology affords them. The education has been built from the ground up with contributions, support and guidance from numerous organisations and professionals from within Police, health and education, parents and children have also contributed. We look forward to strengthening these community connections so that we can deliver timely, relevant and effective prevention-first education.

Police Detective, 
Neil Kitchen
Nelson CIB

Clinical Psychologist
Geoffrey Samuels
Counselling and Psychology
207 Bridge Street, Nelson
Phone 03 545 6207

Web and Marketing

Amani Goerge
Citizen 21 Ltd 

Board Chair Safeguarding Children Initiative
Annette Milligan

Child Protection

Willow Duffy, Safe Guarding Children Initiative


Senior Constable
John O'Donavan


Briar Haven
207 Bridge Street, Nelson
Phone 03 545 6207

Community Development and Professional Supervisor

 Saskia Nieuwlands

Media and Promotions

Ali Camille
Citizen 21 Ltd

 Kathleen Huitema
Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences
207 Bridge Street, Nelson
Phone 03 545 6207

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