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Whether you’re a Bank with 500 employees, a Power company with 3000 or a Club membership requiring IT security training we have your covered.  John presents to large or small organisations delivering ICT security and target hardening education. He offers expert easy to understand advice and education based on real experience.

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John Parsons is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant who delivers cyber security training workshops to the Private Sectors, Government sector agencies including New Zealand Police and Oranga Tamariki.
Delivering workshops to increase protection against.... read more



Cutting-edge Internet Health and Safety workshop is designed
specifically for adults and senior citizens. The presentations are highly
interactive. The education helps enable adults who use digital
communication technology to maximize the potential this communication

tool affords them.... read more



Schools can book a full day of presentations with John. He will work with students from 9am until 9pm, delivering up to 3 student sessions with no limit on audience numbers, 1 PLD workshop for teachers and one parent evening workshop. This approach provides the greatest opportunity to empower students, staff and parents. At the end of the day all attendees will have received education that unites them in a common cause, the health and welfare of all..... read more

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