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The opportunity to learn online from home is an opportunity our clients really appreciate. If you want advice on how to manage ICT within your home or you are dealing with a situation involving your child’s online safety and wellbeing we can help. Family coaching and short format videos are in demand in these
uncertain times. Click on the images below for more information.



Video Conferencing: School Cyber Safety Workshops


We deliver online sessions as required into the classroom or home. Being sensitive to student numbers and gatherings we will work with each class separately when required by the schools. The format is highly adaptable by the teacher and we welcome direction which allows us to meet the needs of the school. Read more



We Offer Flexible Delivery Options For Our International Schools

This is open to format change and suggestions on deliveries are welcomed. Our commitment is to work with you so that together we can support students, families, and teachers. Read more


Online Workshop

We provide family and individuals with cyber safety education and
consultancy. The consultancy work includes working with children and the family members after an incident has occurred.  The focus of this work is online child protection, health and the image for more information.

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