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Cyber EQ-IQ


Southland Cyber EQ-IQ Project

with John Parsons
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This project is about Southland people for Southland people.

The Rotary EQ-IQ Cyber safety project covers the Southland region and is unique within Aotearoa. Through the EQ-IQ Project we deliver fully funded education, training, and consultancy within the Southland region. We provide education and training to protect children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation.

John Parsons the presenter also works with victims and survivors of crime (children, young people, and adults) providing education and support designed to minimize the risk of re-victimization.

Working front line in the community across a range of services and situations means that John is able to develop timely education and responses that are tailored to meet the needs of the Southland community. 

This project is funded by the Invercargill East Rotary Charitable Trust through the generosity of private benefactors. It covers a range of community sectors including Schools, Police, Health, Faith groups, Business, Community organization’s (NGO’s, Not-for -Profit, Rural, Seniors) and Social Services.

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 Karen Purdue


Paul Tuckey


John Prendergast  


John Parsons

Presenter & Consultant


If your organisation, business, or School resides within the borders of Southland we would love to hear from you.


Due to high demand early bookings are essential.

To make a booking, email Karen Purdue:

Important Information


Call 111 in an emergency.

If you can’t decide whether it’s an emergency and you’re still worried, call 111 and ask the Police for advice. They will help you work out what to do.

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