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​Schools can book a full day of presentations with John. He will work with students from 9am until 9pm, delivering up to 3 student sessions with no limit on audience numbers, 1 PLD workshop for teachers and one parent evening workshop.

This approach provides the greatest opportunity to empower students, staff and parents. At the end of the day all attendees will have received education that unites them in a common cause, the health and welfare of all.

In Class with Students Age 5 to 18 Years
John works directly in class with teachers and students helping students to take ownership of their well-being and to become
capable confident and connected within the “online world”. Teachers
agree this inclusive approach helps them both personally and professionally. The goal in your school is to leave teachers with knowledge that empowers them to expand,
develop and work more confidently with students and the parent community.

Duty of Care Professional Development - Teachers and Leaders
Teachers have a duty of care for themselves. These workshops demonstrate to teachers that the boundaries they express to
students protect the child, the teacher and the reputation of the school. Each day includes workshops that provide training
and professional development for all teachers and lead staff. Working face to face is the most effective way to increase capability and confidence in teachers and staff.

Parent Workshops
John works directly with the parent community facilitating a highly interactive workshop where he encourages debate and audience participation. Parents leave with knowledge that helps them relate to and build strong relationships with their children and school.


Board of Trustees
We provide consultancy and guidance to Boards, Principals and Leadership teams experiencing a crisis impacting staff,students and community.

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Contact us for more information on topics covered in school and to book a day with John


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