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Senior Citizens Workshops

This cutting-edge Internet Health and Safety workshop is designed
specifically for adults and senior citizens. The presentations are highly
interactive. The education helps enable adults who use digital
communication technology to maximize the potential this communication

tool affords them.

We work with senior citizens who are the victims of cyber crime and in some
instances have met victims who have lost their life savings and property.


John works with adults who have been or are being blackmailed into

sending money to criminal gangs who have targeted and manipulated a

senior citizen simply because they appear vulnerable.

Criminals gravitate to the internet because it is target rich and offender
friendly environment. Generally speaking, senior citizens are asset rich and
often isolated. One of the key messages is teaching senior citizens how to reduce the appearance of vulnerability. New Zealanders are frequently the targets of international scams and fraud attempts, losing millions of dollars annually due to scams.


The Mission
To help the attendee develop both the understandings and the skills required to use the Internet appropriately in order to reduce the chances for harm to them and their family. To protect hard-won financial and real-world assets.

Main topics covered

  • How to Protect Online Identity

  • Email Scams

  • Cold Calling

  • Identity Theft

  • Real-World Theft

  • Companion Websites

Contact us
 if you would like to book a workshop with John Parsons

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