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Sleep Power

A unit of learning, specific for classroom use with year 6-10 students. 

Includes a 10-session outline with key teaching points, learning intentions, curriculum links, printable resources, activities, & further research opportunities.


Why teach "Sleep Power"?

Appropriate sleep contributes to the health, wellbeing, and resiliency of young people. 
Teaching our young, the importance of sleep during the early stages of life is essential. Prioritising sleep now will give them the ability to build personal resilience protect their own health and prepare them to navigate life's challenges through their life.

  1. Cognitive Functioning: Appropriate sleep is essential for cognitive function, including memory, focus and learning. 

  2. Emotional Regulation: Sleep helps regulate emotions and manage stress.

  3. Physical Health: Appropriate sleep is linked to physical health and well-being. It supports our immune system and aids in recovery from physical exertion or illness. 

  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Appropriate sleep promotes creativity and problem-solving skills helping young people succeed at school and in the workplace

  5. Social Relationships: Sleep plays an important role in positive social interactions, helping young people maintain healthy and supportive relationships.

Featured in


"Students and teachers at a Nelson school are discovering how much a lack of sleep affects their lives and learning outcomes through a new programme they are helping to develop."

Sleep an important piece of learning puzzle

By Education Gazette editors

Volume 103, Number 1


Curriculum Objectives


A4 Personal identity

  • Describe how social messages and stereotypes, including those in the media, can affect feelings of self-worth.

D1 Societal attitudes and values

  • Investigate and describe lifestyle factors and media influences that contribute to the well-being of people in New Zealand.


Statistical investigation – Level 4

  • Determining appropriate variables and data collection methods.

  • Gathering, sorting, and displaying multivariate category, measurement, and time-series data to detect patterns, variations, relationships, and trends.

  • Comparing distributions visually.

  • Evaluate statements made by others about the findings of statistical investigations and probability activities.

Learning outcome

  • Students will gain an understanding on the importance of SLEEP and learn tools to improve their sleeping habits. 

  • Students will understand the impact ‘screen attachment’ can have on their SLEEP and overall health.

What students are saying

Tell me one key thing you have learned about sleep?

Sleep is really helpful for me to stay focused, because at kura I muck around a bit and maybe it’s because I’m tired. 

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