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Keeping Your Children Safe Online

This book is a must read for parents, grandparents and children 11 years + because then everybody is on the same page…literally. There are 154 pages of information helping you become a confident guardian in a digital revolution. It will empower your child to make choices that protect them. 


At the end of parent workshops and professional development sessions I am asked if i have any material to take away that captures my approach to cyber safety.This book is my response. It is based wholly on experience. The stories, with names changed, are real, and in many instances have involved agencies that have contributed to successful outcomes for the child. All of my work in the area of cyber safety is collaborative, and I want to acknowledge the parents, teachers, police officers, health professionals, and above all the brave young people and their families, who have helped increase my knowledge and encouraged me in this work.

John Parsons

Keeping Your Children Safe Online

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    1. Family Values: Anchoring your child to what’s important
    2. Cyber-Separation: Keeping those lines of communication open
    3. The Acceptable Use of Digital Devices: It’s all a matter of balance
    4. Online Sexual Predators: Giving control to your child, not the stranger
    5. Sexting: Keeping it appropriate and knowing how to repel unwanted attention
    6. Cyber-Bullying and how to respond to it
    7. Protecting Your Child’s Online Reputation
    8. Cyber-crime and Cyber-security: When we over-share personal information
    9. Online Gaming and Pornography Addiction
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