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Romeo the Elephant's Digital Footprint

Family, Friends and Community.

A Cyber Safety resource for adults and children ages 5 to 10 years.


A fun way to read an age-appropriate story to your child or students about a topic that is at its core child protection education.


When the adult reads the story to the child about Romeo the Elephant walking through the Jungle, the child follows the challenges Romeo faces as a baby elephant in the Jungle.


The adults experience a different message as a Lion stalks the Elephant. The hierarchy in the Elephant herd demonstrates how they protect their young. This demonstration allows the adult to teach children how to connect to the online world and the requirements needed to stay safe.


Romeo, an illustrated book is also a book for adults and has important adult information and tips on how to keep children safe online located at the back of the book.


This book is for parents, children, teachers, and students. When children publish information online in image and or words, it is important to reduce the appearance of vulnerability. This is the unspoken message that pedophiles are drawn towards children and young people who appear to be without support appropriate to their age and level of maturity.

As a child approaches adolescence, their use of communication technology increases. Before that increase, the education in this book will contribute to adults and children learning how to build a presence online that is powerful, confident, and connected, allowing them both to maximize the benefits of information technology.

It is vital from a young age that children learn that privacy starts in the home.
Bedroom, Bathroom and Pyjamas should not be online.



"The most important relationship your child has is the one they have with you. It is not the one they have with a computer or a mobile phone. The most important message that your child should know about themselves is that they are unique, they are valuable, and they are loved." ~ John Parsons


A 21-page illustrated book in A4 landscape format.

Romeo the Elephant's Digital Footprint

Excluding GST
    1. How to publish information online safely
    2. How to reduce the appearance of vulnerability online
    3. How to project boundaries online
    4. How to build safe online social networks
    5. How to join your child in cyberspace when that time presents
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